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Saske is My Yaoi Kismesis CHPA I
Saske is My Yaoi Kismesis
(AN: Hi everyone! If youre not a fan of the Homestuck-origins, you've probably never heard of me. I'm Anumi Karoku (My real fill name is actually Hannah Marianne Barlow (I'm not suposed to write that on the internet for random strangers to analyze, but WHOM CARES ABOUT WHAT MY MOM SAYS, I HATE HER SO YEAH (*≧m≦*)) but I HATE people whom call me that or "SASKE", so unless your a mentally RETREATED BAKAJIN then just call me Anumi. If you want to know more about me, don't be LAZY and instead just go read my profile (WOW its sad that I even have to SPELL THAT OUT for you peeople). ANYWAY what I really want to say is that this is my second fic (ALTHOUGH it's more like my first cause I wrote the first draft of the first chap when I was 12 but was to shy to share it yet) and I've really improved since my first. ALSO, its sorta AU-ish/ alternative senarios/ highschool-inspired BEFORE Shipuden. I wanted to sorta try a different and more EDGY w
:iconsaskesmyyaoikismesis:saskesmyyaoikismesis 0 3
I have alot to check.... by saskesmyyaoikismesis I have alot to check.... :iconsaskesmyyaoikismesis:saskesmyyaoikismesis 0 4 Sekushii Saske in Hate~ by saskesmyyaoikismesis Sekushii Saske in Hate~ :iconsaskesmyyaoikismesis:saskesmyyaoikismesis 0 3
Tarvos and Fairie: A Love Story (Chapter 1/Prolog)
                                   Tarvos and Fairie
                                     A Love Story
     Hello, my name is Tarvos Nitram and this is a story charting an epic quest of love, gained, love lost, adventures, depression, strife, murder, hilarity, even rape, and, misery, and a plethoric multitude of more. It starts dilatorily and humblely but it raggedly culminates to the very single fate of the WORLD (AN: LIKE ACT 1-6 OF HOMETSTUCK!)and I fall in love with and I met a lovely impress named Fefiri Pixies, whom is my distined lover and we are both very cute and kawaii together. I was a
:iconsaskesmyyaoikismesis:saskesmyyaoikismesis 0 6
Looks Like Its Gonna Get MESSY~!!! by saskesmyyaoikismesis Looks Like Its Gonna Get MESSY~!!! :iconsaskesmyyaoikismesis:saskesmyyaoikismesis 2 13
Haiku #1- Nature
Behold the broad plants;
There stems stemming succulent
Viridian leafs
Haiku #2- Gods TRUE creation
Children of the lord;
We were not birthed from ape wombs
Sacred is this race
Haiku #3- Lying at the beach
Soft silky sand-- SPLASH!
Sad ocean, battered by kids;
:iconsaskesmyyaoikismesis:saskesmyyaoikismesis 2 9
Tarvos and Fairie: A Love Story (THE PIC) by saskesmyyaoikismesis Tarvos and Fairie: A Love Story (THE PIC) :iconsaskesmyyaoikismesis:saskesmyyaoikismesis 3 7 UPDATED Koibito Minano (WARNING! SPOILERS) by saskesmyyaoikismesis UPDATED Koibito Minano (WARNING! SPOILERS) :iconsaskesmyyaoikismesis:saskesmyyaoikismesis 3 109
ok SO I decided that I would write a POLTITCAL tankas since cause I really like JAPAN'S culture and stuff so I wanted to write a POLITCAL poem that explains my POV of the situation we are currently dealing with here in ANMERICA!
Post Scriptim: DON'T forget to VOTE this 2012 in the upcoming election WE NEED TO IMPACH OBAMA NOW!!!
Tanks #1- The PROMISE (this one is funny but serous and the same time like a limererck or something (I DONT KNOW I only know JAPANESE poetry..) )
He promised us change
and yet his fingers were crosed
behind his own back
he dug them into his pants
because his butt was itchy
Tanka #2- Because of OBAKA
'Cause of O-BAKA
One day the White House burned down
Athesits rejoiced
Many babys died that day
and Comunists took over
Tanka #3- A NEW Beginig
When Obama leaves
We will finally be glad
No left agendas
Democracy is restored
Republicans neds to WIN
:iconsaskesmyyaoikismesis:saskesmyyaoikismesis 3 14
My Fantroll Koibito Minano- Normal Mode by saskesmyyaoikismesis My Fantroll Koibito Minano- Normal Mode :iconsaskesmyyaoikismesis:saskesmyyaoikismesis 5 86 My Fantroll Koibito Minano- Dream Mode by saskesmyyaoikismesis My Fantroll Koibito Minano- Dream Mode :iconsaskesmyyaoikismesis:saskesmyyaoikismesis 1 0 My Fantroll Koibito Minano- Troll Uniform by saskesmyyaoikismesis My Fantroll Koibito Minano- Troll Uniform :iconsaskesmyyaoikismesis:saskesmyyaoikismesis 2 21

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I'll add the other chapters to DA when I feel like it.




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